AR-15 Common Chamber Issues: Neck and Throat

Second to gas system issues, the next common problems I see come from the chamber. I’ll discuss headspace another time (also a common issue) but this time I wanted to address the neck and throat, #3 and #4 respectively.

After the chamber is cut, a reamer is used to finish it out to the final dimensions. Over time, the reamer will start to wear and wont cut like it should. Good barrel makers will change their reamers out before there are negative results, but budget barrel makers will push the reamers further trying to save on the bottom line.

Due to the smaller dimensions, the first places to have problems will be in the neck and throat as it squeezes on the bullet and the neck of the casing. If you have ever chambered a round and then had a hard time trying to clear it, or had any extraction issues in general, this is a good place to have checked. Often times it will need to be reamed out to the right dimensions.

Visit our chamber repair service if your chamber is having issues.

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