How efficient is your gas system?

How efficient is your gas system? Do you have build ups of carbon around your gas block? If you have removed your block, do you have large black patches around the gas port? There is a significant amount of pressure in this area and every block and gas tube will leak a little but it should clot up over time and seal itself off. If your system is not sealing due to sloppy tolerances, you may start to see large amounts of carbon building up over time because the system is too loose to seal itself up. This could also mean you are running close to the edge of reliability and under the right circumstances you may start to see cycling issues.

Although the rifle’s design is pretty resilient, every part of the gas sytem is important, and multiple leaks could be the cause of your issues.

Gas blocks can be sloppy both around the barrel and gas tube. Many are designed to look good or have other features and the tolerances that are held in critical areas tends to be an afterthough.

The same goes for gas tubes, they aren’t all made equal and some can be severely undersized.

A good BCG will utilize the gas its given well rather than bleeding it at the gas key or internally.

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