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Suppressor Tuning Service

Our AR-15 Suppressor Tuning package is designed to give you all of the perks of using a suppressor while mitigating as many of the negative drawbacks as possible. AR-15s are usually tuned to run reliably unsuppressed so when you finally get your can after that long wait, it can be a bit abrupt to find how much it can change how the rifle runs. If your AR-15 is unreliable or over-gassed or you are thinking of building a gun as a suppressor host, you need this package!

This AR-15 Suppressor Tuning package consists of three parts. The first part is our AR-15 inspection service which goes through every aspect of the gun looking for problems that can be exacerbated by adding a suppressor. An analogy we commonly use is before you put a turbo on your car, you should probably fix the low oil pressure. We want to make sure your rifle is ready to accept the suppressor without causing undue wear and tear. Common issues we solve during this step is gas leaks, incompatible part configurations, loose tolerances, and more.

The second part of the inspection is adding the appropriate buffer and spring for your rifle configuration. If you have ever struggled with finding the appropriate buffer for your gun, we will make sure you have exactly the one you need. Most guns are under-buffered in order to get them to run with cheap ammo or leaky gas systems. We will pair your gun up with the appropriate buffer and spring for your system leaning on the mountain of data we have collected and zero guesswork.

The final stage is gas system tuning. We don’t just slap an adjustable gas block on your gun and call it good. We have found the poor reliability and added maintenance aren’t worth the cost. Most people will “set and forget” their gas blocks which means in reality they don’t need an adjustable gas block, they need a tuned gas block. We thread the transfer port between the barrel and gas tube and install an insert with a calibrated port. This insert is similar to the gas jet on the FN Scar and while is technically a wear item, is completely replaceable if and when it is needed. The port diameter is based on data we have collected across thousands of barrels from various manufacturers. It is adjusted to fit the individual rifle, the environment that the rifle will be used in, as well as the suppressor and how much it will be used. The lifespan can vary widely depending on how the gun is used, but you may see as many as 10k rounds or more before needing to be replaced.

In the case of a barrel with a pinned and welded muzzle device, we prefer to use the Black River Tactical gas tubes with calibrated ports. While these don’t have as long of a lifespan as the inserts, they are more easily serviced without needing to remove the muzzle device.

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